Forecasting and Modeling Services

Our forecasting and modeling services are targeted at helping corporations understand the implications of historical patterns and evaluate the potential future impact of strategic decisions and market events on demand and profitability of their products or services.

  •   Price and Demand Forecasting
  • - Using historical data and econometric techniques to model relationship between price and demand across a range of competitive and complementary products to help maximize revenue, profits and/or market share
  •   Sales Strategy Impact Analysis
  • - Analysis and forecasting impact of product and sales strategies including bundling, self-cannibalization and new product introductions
  •   Forecasting Impact of Market Events
  • - Evaluation and forecasting impact of events such as altered macroeconomic conditions, M&A activity and new entrants

Representative clients include major multinational corporations in the consumer products and pharmaceutical industries.

Asset Management Services

Today’s data-driven world creates unique challenges for asset managers. We provide asset managers with unbiased evaluation of trading and hedging strategies and portfolio composition.

  •   Strategy Back-Testing
  • - Buy/Sell signal evaluation, automatic rebalancing, index replication
  • - Monte Carlo simulation for strategy evaluation and back-testing
  •   Portfolio Composition Evaluation
  • - Asset mix, mean/variance analysis, risk adjusted return analysis
  •   Hedge and Leverage Evaluation
  • - Options based leverage, borrowing costs, consolidation of offsetting positions

Representative clients include major multinational financial institutions and hedge funds.