Economic Consulting
and Expert Testimony

Our firm leaders and affiliates have been providing expert analysis and testimony in litigation, arbitrations and regulatory investigations for over 20 years. Our experts craft compelling arguments that are supported by rigorous methods and robust empirical evidence. We distill complex issues into clear, intuitive explanations. We have collaborated with clients through all phases of pretrial and trial practice including review of pretrial discovery, development of economic and financial models to analyze damages, critique of analyses by opposing experts and preparation of testimony.

Antitrust & Competition

  • Market definition
  • Commodity Price Manipulation
  • Price Fixing
  • Predatory Pricing
  • Bundling and Tying
  • Patent Disputes

Securities & Financial Markets

  • Misstatements and Omissions
  • Insider Trading Allegations
  • Market Manipulation Claims
  • ERISA Claims
  • Event Study Analyses

Valuation Analysis

  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Valuation of privately-held companies and interests
  • Valuation of investment portfolios

Damages Estimation

  • Lost Profits
  • Business Interruption
  • Contract Disputes

Selected Prior Experience

Biosimilar Competition

Dr. Saha provided expert testimony in a dispute involving biosimilar competition for a blockbuster biologic pharmaceutical drug, Remicade. Dr. Saha’s testimony was supported by analysis of sales and pricing data on biologic and biosimilar sales in various countries. This analysis provided understanding of the implications of the biosimilar launch in the US. The team supporting Dr. Saha worked closely with attorneys from Kirkland & Ellis and Winston & Strawn.


Mr. Rinaudo provided testimony to oppose sentencing on behalf of Michael Coscia, the first trader convicted of spoofing. Mr. Rinaudo led a team that analyzed over 1 billion market records across 14 commodities markets to present the court with a context in which to frame the defendant’s trading behavior. Working closely with lawyers from Dentons and Kobre Kim, Mr. Rinaudo was part of the team that helped to get Mr. Coscia’s sentence reduced from the 80 months requested by the government to 30 months.

Independent Investigation

Dr. Saha and Mr. Rinaudo were selected by New York State and major tobacco manufacturers to undertake the periodic estimation of Native American brand cigarettes sold on Reservations in New York State. DSP worked closely with the independent investigator, Nardello & Co. to evaluate submissions by the parties, evaluate available data, develop protocols to gather additional data through surveillance and ultimately develop a range of estimates based upon different data sources.

Highlighted Original Research

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