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Data Science Partners is pleased to announce that it has officially joined forces with Econ One Research, Inc., a premier economic consulting firm. Atanu Saha and Alexander Rinaudo will continue to lead the New York team, which will retain its current staff and headquarters. Econ One has 20+ years providing economic research, data analytics, expert advice, testimony, and consulting on issues relating to markets, competition, regulation, and valuation. This move will enable us to offer broader in-house expertise in applied economic theory, econometrics, statistics, market strategies, large-scale project management, and electronic data management and analysis. For more information about Econ One, please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Atanu Saha
New York: 212-554-3511
White Plains: 914-359-6861

Alexander Rinaudo
New York: 212-554-3512
White Plains: 914-359-6862