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Data Science Partners is pleased to announce that it has officially joined forces with Econ One Research, Inc., a premier economic consulting firm. Atanu Saha and Alexander Rinaudo will continue to lead the New York team, which will retain its current staff and headquarters. Econ One has 20+ years of experience providing economic research, data analytics, expert advice, testimony, and consulting on issues relating to markets, competition, regulation, and valuation. This move will enable us to offer broader in-house expertise in applied economic theory, econometrics, statistics, market strategies, large-scale project management, and electronic data management and analysis. For more information about Econ One, please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Atanu Saha
Email: [email protected]
New York: 212-554-3511
White Plains: 914-359-6861

Alexander Rinaudo
Email: [email protected]
New York: 212-554-3512
White Plains: 914-359-6862